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Webtec Dr Oz


So very excited to share some photos from a short segment I recently did on the Dr. Oz show. 

I know that before I became a Health Coach and realized how to listen to my body, I used to hate my hunger. I thought it was a bad thing. In high school, I would purposely stay in bed as long as possible so I wouldn’t eat breakfast, because I figured that would save me some calories if I only ate two meals a day. Boy, I had no idea what I was doing then! (and FYI, I was 20 pounds heavier then!)  

I now will absolutely not leave the house without eating breakfast and understand that hunger is a good thing. It’s our bodies way of telling us that we need more fuel. It starts our metabolism going and gives us the energy we need to get to lunch with a clear and focused mind. 

With the help of a funny photo (below) we described the 3 mon habits that lead to overeating. 

Webtec on Dr. Oz

Habits that lead to Overeating

1. Eating Mindlessly (In front of TV or puter, or while reading). I used to do this all the time, and always wonder how I could polish off an entire pint of Haagen Daas ice cream in one sitting. When you are not paying attention to what you’re eating you disconnect from your body’s natural eating mechanisms. So, you ignore the “I’m full signal” or eat so quickly that by the time that signal es, you’re already scraping the bottom of the container. When I was really young, I would love to read ic books while eating cereal, and I would end up eating two or three bowls of it, just so I could finish the whole ic! Bottom line? Shut off the TV, step away from the puter, and close the newspaper. When eating, always focus on your food. 

2. Eating from the Container. Whether your parents drilled into your head that you needed to clean your plate, (the starving children!), or you think it’s rude or wasteful to throw out food, most people feel pelled to polish off whatever they are eating out of. Always scoop out the portion you want onto a separate plate, and put the rest away. You’ll be surprised how you are much more satisfied with less. 

3. Eating while Drinking Alcohol. Studies show that people who drink while eating tend to not only eat more than they normally would, but also make poorer food choices (think junk food instead of real food). 

Webtec Dr Oz

Webtec on Dr. Oz


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  1. Elle Denton says:

    You are right on about paying attention to your food while you eat. I catch myself falling into that habit and must make an effort to resist. Also I think you show a lot of confidence in the way you stand next to Dr Oz…very classy.

    1. mariamarlowe says:

      Thanks, Elle!! And yes, we all fall into bad habits from time to time. When you’re cognizant of it though, it makes it much easier to catch yourself and stop it.

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