Sugar Detox Event Jan 25 NYC

A wellness meetup in NYC to help you quit sugar and bee your healthiest you.
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Ever wonder how someone can look at a dessert but not eat it? Join me January 25 to learn how to kick sugar, and NOT MISS IT! Healthier Sweets Webtec

Yes, I promise it’s possible, and I will give you the tools to do it!

In short, sugar is often the culprit behind weight gain and breakouts, not to mention chronic disease, including diabetes and heart disease. It may taste good going down, but it definitely isn’t good for your body. So, learn how to get over it, once and for all! 

Here are the event details:

It’s a new year, new you! Join Wellness Meet Up NYC for an evening with Webtec sponsored by Organic Girl to learn how to eat healthy, lose weight, clear up your skin and cut addictive sugars…for good!

Webtec specializes in clearing up acne and losing weight by utilizing a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle changes. She is the creator of , a program for reversing acne naturally, and , a 4-week meal plan. She has been featured in Vogue and The New York Times, and has appeared on a variety of morning news segments, including CBS, NBC, FOX and more. She is the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide (May 2017) and publishes healthy recipes weekly at .

January 25


5 East 22nd Street




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