The Real Food Grocery Guide Reviews

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The response to the release of  has been so overwhelmingly positive and I couldn’t be more happy to receive reviews and messages that it’s changing lives!

Having grown up thinking I was “eating healthy” by consuming 6-11 servings of “bread, cereal, rice and pasta” as the USDA Food Pyramid advised or choosing low fat dairy, or that the tomato sauce on my pizza counted as a vegetable, this is the , which I wish my family and I had way back when. 

Between DMs on and , Amazon reviews, and other book site reviews, I’m so, so happy, that so many of you are finding this book so helpful and useful…and sharing it with the world!

I am so grateful for your reviews, social media posts, and word of mouth sharing about the book. 


They help spread the message about the healing power of Real Food. Please keep them up! Together, we can make the world a healthier place. Don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can see them and share them! @mariamarlowe on / @mariamarlowehealth on . 

Want to Spread the Real Food Revolution Further?

If you purchased the book on Amazon, it would be so greatly appreciated if you could on the book there. (Even if you didn’t buy it on Amazon, you can still write a review! It will help more people find and benefit from the book). 


Thank you! So much love for you all! <3 

And if you haven’t ordered yet, what are you waiting for?!? 




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