Potato salad – some love it, some hate it. Either way, this Moroccan spin on a family favorite is healthier and way more delicious.

There’s nothing more amazing in fall than a bowl of hot soup and some toast. This Carrot Ginger Soup with Avocado Toast is perfect for a chilly night.

I often get asked what my life looks like as a Health Coach, so each month, I’ll be dedicating a post to what my schedule actually looks like. September 2016 was full of travel and learning. Here are the highlights:  In early September, my book publisher called me to tell me that my book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, would...

This pomegranate guacamole recipe will add a pop of color (and antioxidants!) to your table.

This Butternut, Romanesco, & Broccoli Pizza makes for a delicious and fast fall dinner.

Fall is finally here! That means it’s officially pumpkin season. So, I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen to whip up this roasted pumpkin guacamole recipe. 

Ready in less than 20 minutes, this artichoke and arugula pizza is sure to bee a weeknight favorite. 

Lately there’s been a rumor going around that having a bowl of air-popped, unsalted popcorn for dinner is as nutritious for you as a bowl of pasta… 

I often get asked what my life looks like as a Health Coach, so each month, I’ll be dedicating a post to what my schedule actually looks like. Sometimes I pinch myself that I created such an interesting, inspiring, flexible life for myself.  August 2016 was a whirlwind month for me. Here were a few of the highlights: The month...

Don’t want to make your own healthy granola? Paleo Passion Foods Granola is delicious and free of nasties. (And now you can try it with 15% off!) 

Almond butter is expensive…but with this almond butter recipe, you can make your own for half the price.

Ditch the sugary packaged stuff and make your own healthy granola. 

A flat stomach is made in the kitchen. 

Move over tomato sauce…zucchini sauce is a delicious summer alternative.

Here’s how to go on vacation and e back healthier, instead of heavier, than when you left. 

A delicious, energizing, yet calming new breakfast choice. 

When the late night munchies strike, avoid these foods to ensure a peaceful sleep and avoid the next day sluggishness and weight-gain. 

You’ll never buy store bought again with this simple homemade coconut milk recipe.

Anytime is a good time for a flat stomach. Here’s how to de-bloat in a day and ensure your tummy is flat. 

This is how to please a crowd for Memorial Day Weekend (shhh… don’t tell them it’s all healthy). 

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