Here is a fun, quick, easy, healthy appetizer to prepare: cucumber chips!

Drink Me!

 Last week I shared my health tips and grocery store hacks with Ivanka Trump and her team. 

If your popcorn came with a warning label, “may cause heart attacks,” would you still eat it?

My newest breakfast obsession: buckwheat.

Bored with oatmeal? Try this.

Delicious & easy weeknight dinner or bring to work lunch. 

Where to eat healthy, in every Manhattan neighborhood. 

  So honored to be selected to be a part of Ivanka Trump’s #WomenWhoWork Campaign. The campaign celebrates women who work at all aspects of their lives: 

Sounds strange, tastes delicious. 

Dessert healthy enough for breakfast. 

A fruit that doubles as spaghetti? 

I never get sick…or, so I thought… 

Once you try this veggie burger, you will never buy another. 

Why eat regular food, when you can eat superfoods? Last week I was invited to Seattle to share some of my healthy recipes and grocery store picks on NBC’s King 5. 

I always thought people who didn’t like Brussels Sprouts were crazy (after all, they taste so good!), but it turns out there is a real reason why some people hate them. Luckily, there is an easy trick to thwart that problem. 

Take your blender out of hibernation. This fast morning smoothie is perfect even on a cold winter morning. 

mac + cheese = healthy? In my house, of course.

Sweet and spicy, this dish es together fast, and may even help you get lucky 🙂 

 The perfect Valentine’s Day dessert recipe.

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