If you don’t know what mochi is, prepare to be amazed. 

Orange Chocolate Heaven

 Game Day Chili

January is Oatmeal Month, so jazz up your bowl with these 5 different topping ideas. 

You can have your cake and eat it too. 

“Which two, among a thousand wise men, will define success in the same words; yet failure is always described but one way. Failure is man’s inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be.  In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the differences of their habits. Good habits...

I always love shopping the Union Square Farmers Market, as I end up finding produce that I’d never be able to find in a grocery store. Like these colorful carrots. These purple and yellow beauties taste just like their orange sisters, but somehow elevate the dish and make for a much prettier presentation. Kind of look like candy, don’t they? These...

Skip the Pharmacist. Go to the Farmacist. 

I love it when a recipe transports me to another time or place.

These taste just as scrumptious as the look. Whip up a batch of these babies and keep them near your desk, and you’ll never have to go on a 3 pm cookie run again. 

Want to get the most nutritional bang per bite of chocolate? Here is my review of the best dark chocolate bars.

What’s a cakie you ask? Only the most delicious cross between a cake and a cookie.  I sank my teeth into these at my Wellness Pow Wow a few weeks ago, and it was love at first bite. It was a potluck dinner with 16 health coaches, so you can imagine I had a lot of delicious healthy dishes to...

The thought of not eating anything out of a box for 90 days may seem impossible. But the affects of it are quite astounding. 

Who doesn’t love Guacamole??

One of my favorite places to meet clients or friends is at Peacefood Cafe in Union Square. 

  A while back I did a post called “How Not to Spend a Fortune at Whole Foods.” It was one of my most popular, so I have expanded it to share my tips on how to save money on organic and healthy groceries in general.     And remember: “You can either pay the farmer now, or pay the...

I was delighted to look at a bin of produce at Whole Foods recently and think…wow, thats really cheap! 

If you’re on my email list, you’ll know that I recently mentioned I’ll be hosting a lot more events, dinner parties, and all around awesome gatherings of cool people for good causes. 

Is that not the most gorgeous soup you’ve ever seen?

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