Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Bread…need I say more? This easy recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free and will blow your chocolate-loving mind. 

A couple years ago, I did a roundup of my favorite dark chocolate brands, but with so many newers on the market, it is time for an update!

Dinner that’s ready in 20 minutes or less? Yes, please. This Lemon Pepper Cod recipe is so delectable, yet so easy to make, I bet you’ll find yourself adding it in to regular rotation.  

Let’s face it: Potatoes aren’t the healthiest vegetables, but they taste too good to swear them off for life. Here’s how to make them healthier. 

I often get asked what my life looks like since being a Health Coach, so each month, I dedicate a post to what my schedule actually looks like. December was a lot of conferences, coaching, and finalizing my book edits! Plus, an incredible trip. 

Rens Kroes is my kinda girl: she loves food (particularly plants), makes it a point to make happiness a priority, and lives an uber-healthy lifestyle without being obsessive (read: she eats french fries when she feels like it without a twinge of guilt). 

I spent New Years eating my way through Bali. Here are my top healthy restaurant picks.

After spending a week in Dubai, here are my picks for the best healthy food in Dubai. 

Ever wonder how someone can look at a dessert but not eat it? Join me January 25 to learn how to kick sugar, and NOT MISS IT! 

Healthy eating isn’t a diet, but rather a lifestyle of enjoyable healthy habits.

I often get asked what my life looks like since being a Health Coach, so each month, I dedicate a post to what my schedule actually looks like. This month, was all about book parties, inspiring clients, and serious talk about food politics. 

Delicata squash is easy to clean, cut, and cook, and is so damn delicious…which may make it a new winter favorite.

The secret ingredient in this roasted cauliflower makes it simply irresistible. 

You know when you go to a restaurant, and their veggies taste better than yours? It’s often their excess use of oil, butter, or salt, but sometimes it’s their technique. This recipe, will blow all others out of the water – without excessive use of fat or salt.

Chia seeds are little beauty powerhouses, but their power isn’t truly unlocked until they are soaked.

If you’re always scrambling to get dinner on the table during the week, or often find yourself resorting to takeout, consider batch cooking to simplify your life, ensure you’re nourishing your body with the most nutritious foods, and save precious hours during the week. 

These grain-free, gluten-free Paleo Pancakes will hit the spot. 

A dessert with benefits? Yes, it’s possible to satisfy your sweet craving with real foods (that have benefits!) and without refined sugar (which does not!). 

We’ve all had our weak moments, and woken up in a bed of candy wrappers at one time or another, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays upon us, it seems as if the whole nation is collectively on a sugar binge.

Working out yet not losing weight or firming up fast enough? Learn why and what to do about it at this free event at Pop Physique Chelsea, New York, this weekend. 

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