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Need some healthy Fourth of July recipes? I got you covered with these delicious, simple, and effortless dishes, drinks, and desserts. 

Take a sneak peek at the foods I stock in my personal kitchen cabinets for some healthy grocery shopping ideas.

You’re going to want to give…and receive…these healthy holiday gifts!

Beyond it’s breathtaking beauty, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known more for it’s burgers than it’s kale salads and organic juice. But have no fear, I’ve got the best restaurants for you to keep it healthy while visiting this rustic western town. 

I took probiotics for 4 days and you won’t believe what it did to my stomach. 

Pasta has never been known as a health food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a healthier version of it. These are some of my top picks for alternative gluten-free pastas that are taste-tested and real-food approved. 

Put down that sugar shaker…and fill it with this new(ish) better-for you, zero calorie, zero-glycemic sweetener. 

If you’re one of those people who likes to mix their food, like me, you’ll love the new cookbook, Bowls of Plenty by Carolynn Carreño. 

A couple years ago, I did a roundup of my favorite dark chocolate brands, but with so many newers on the market, it is time for an update!

Let’s face it: Potatoes aren’t the healthiest vegetables, but they taste too good to swear them off for life. Here’s how to make them healthier. 

A dessert with benefits? Yes, it’s possible to satisfy your sweet craving with real foods (that have benefits!) and without refined sugar (which does not!). 

Don’t want to make your own healthy granola? Paleo Passion Foods Granola is delicious and free of nasties. (And now you can try it with 15% off!) 

Juicero, the revolutionary juicing system that’s being called the future of juice, launches today. 

Delicious, organic, healthy meals…delivered. 

This girl is too cool.

Eating healthy (from anywhere) just got a whole lot cheaper!

New York, I’m cheating on you. 

Eating healthfully sometimes gets a bad rap as being too expensive. But the truth is, it’s more expensive to not eat healthfully.

Where to eat healthy, in every Manhattan neighborhood. 

Once you try this veggie burger, you will never buy another. 

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