Probiotics aren’t just for gut health. Probiotics can improve fertility and help prevent infections, too. Here is what you should know.    

The secret to toning up and leaning out faster? It’s what you eat after and before your workout. Here’s how to maximize your workout results with food. 

The winter doesn’t have to be the “cold and flu” season for you. What you eat can support, or suppress your immune system. 

Water is a crucial part of our daily routine – but where you get it from makes a big difference. Learn why I typically shun bottled water in favor of filtered. 

If you need to laugh….

Sniffling, sneezing, and all around feeling achey? Try this simple homemade tea made with two proven cold and flu fighting ingredients. 

After a long day at work or chasing kids, spending an hour over the stove sounds about as enjoyable as stepping barefoot on a Lego. But, instead of reaching for the takeout menu, consider adding a pressure cooker to your kitchen – it’s my own personal secret weapon for making delicious food with minimal effort.

Rens Kroes is my kinda girl: she loves food (particularly plants), makes it a point to make happiness a priority, and lives an uber-healthy lifestyle without being obsessive (read: she eats french fries when she feels like it without a twinge of guilt). 

I spent New Years eating my way through Bali. Here are my top healthy restaurant picks.

After spending a week in Dubai, here are my picks for the best healthy food in Dubai. 

Ever wonder how someone can look at a dessert but not eat it? Join me January 25 to learn how to kick sugar, and NOT MISS IT! 

If you’re always scrambling to get dinner on the table during the week, or often find yourself resorting to takeout, consider batch cooking to simplify your life, ensure you’re nourishing your body with the most nutritious foods, and save precious hours during the week. 

Here’s how to go on vacation and e back healthier, instead of heavier, than when you left. 

This is how to please a crowd for Memorial Day Weekend (shhh… don’t tell them it’s all healthy). 

Do cookies or chips call your name? Read this. 

An epic plant-based Mother’s Day Brunch menu to wow the most important woman in your life. 

Stress can kill you….literally. Here are 7 anti stress foods that fight it. 

Stress got you tense, anxious, depressive, and moody? Try these 3 ways to reduce stress. 

Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks and brand remendations. Healthy Snacks for Every Craving

Sometimes a kale salad just doesn’t cut it, and you want something heavy, hearty, creamy, ooey-and gooey. That’s where these 3 healthy fort food recipes e in, which feel like an indulgence yet are made with better for you ingredients. 

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