Having a cozy night in this weekend? Here are my top 10 picks for the best food documentaries you must see. 

You know you have one…you just aren’t sure what it is. 

Halloween and the holidays are ing…here is how to satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your health or waistline.

No time to cook? No problem. These 4 fresh meal delivery services are your solution.

What to try at your local farmers market this week. 

It’s vacation season. Here’s what healthy travel snacks to take when you hit the road or fly the skies. 

Eating healthy (from anywhere) just got a whole lot cheaper!

Eating healthfully sometimes gets a bad rap as being too expensive. But the truth is, it’s more expensive to not eat healthfully.

Farmers Markets: The Why, Where, & How to Shop Them

Here is a fun, quick, easy, healthy appetizer to prepare: cucumber chips!

Drink Me!

If your popcorn came with a warning label, “may cause heart attacks,” would you still eat it?

I never get sick…or, so I thought… 

Skip the Pharmacist. Go to the Farmacist. 

The thought of not eating anything out of a box for 90 days may seem impossible. But the affects of it are quite astounding. 

  A while back I did a post called “How Not to Spend a Fortune at Whole Foods.” It was one of my most popular, so I have expanded it to share my tips on how to save money on organic and healthy groceries in general.     And remember: “You can either pay the farmer now, or pay the...

Did you know that your body is smarter than your brain?

If you can brave the 24 hour trip to South Africa, you’ll be rewarded with natural beauty that will dazzle you. Back in December, I made the trip for a wedding and discovered plenty of vegetarian / vegan and even gluten-free options, so of course, I had to share. (hey, better late than never!) Oh, and sorry there was...

Today’s post is a very special post, and you can thank the lovely Hilary over at Dean Street Society for it.  Today I’m taking back the curtain on just how I created my dream business, and became this crazy, new-fangled thing called a Health Coach, in which part of my job description includes cooking (and tasting) the healthiest foods on...

Whole Foods, a.k.a “Whole Paycheck” is not known for being particularly budget friendly.It’s not unmon to spend upwards of $30 on just one bag of groceries. (The most I’ve spent so far was $60). This is not generally sustainable, especially if you have a family to cook for. Despite their hefty markup, there is an undeniable attraction to shopping at...

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