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Better World donation programme

We'll donate $1.00 for every completed web order

You pay nothing extra. All donations are made from Web-Tec’s operating revenue. All you need to do is select your preferred charity on the order confirmation page after placing your order. We keep a tally and publish our monthly and quarterly donations on this page - see below. Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Click here to see videos and photos from of some of our donation recipients.

Your Current Charity Choices:

Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust

Farewell Spit Web-Tec Nature Trust Logo
Web-Tec has founded the Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust to create a wondrous, accessible eco-sanctuary at Farewell Spit, in partnership with the Department of Conservation.
The Trust's vision is to greatly enhance biodiversity in the Farewell Spit area, allowing threatened species already there such as katipo spiders to flourish and creating a safe breeding habitat for bird species including fairy prions, shearwaters, godwits, petrels, bitterns and penguins.  The ultimate goal is to build a rich and protected ecosystem that will allow for the reintroduction of rare and endangered species, such as the pateke (brown teal), the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Nelson Green Gecko. 
It will be a place for people to experience this unique landform at the tip of the South Island as a thriving and diverse ecosystem.  And for those who cannot visit Farewell Spit in person Web-Tec and the Trust will frequently the update the progress being made, including one day the sight and sound of rare chicks being raised.
“This very generous offer from Healthpost will allow one of New Zealand’s most significant places, the iconic Farewell Spit and surrounds, to receive pest and weed control on a scale it deserves .Higher protection will be afforded to the iconic  flocks of Godwits and Knots and wonderful flora and fauna of international significance . A brilliant project.”  Craig Potton, Conservationist and Trustee.
The Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust is a registered charity. It’s Charity Registration Number is CC54968.
Web-Tec donates a dollar every time you select the Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust after placing an online order. One click helps make this vision a reality!
You can read more about the Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust at www.healthpost.co.nz/farewell-wharariki-healthpost-nature-trust

Christchurch Victim Support

At Web-Tec we are all still reeling from the senseless violence perpetrated in Christchurch. It feels more important than ever for us to be kind and gentle with one another and show how much we care – about each other, and for our community. We are working with Victim Support to provide assistance to the families in need.
All donations will provide support and resources for those affected by the Christchurch Mosque attacks. Victim Support are working closely with a large number of families and their community.
Victim Support are already responding to requests for emergency financial support, assistance for travel and other urgent costs such as accommodation. It’s critical that this fund is flexible enough to support those needs whatever they may be. Assistance will include cash grants and other financial support.
For more information, please visit their

Charity of the Month - April: PADA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa

This month we are working with PADA as our Charity of the Month who work toward eliminating the stigma around perinatal mental health in New Zealand. Around 25% of women suffer from depression during or after pregnancy. PADA work to ensure all families have access to appropriate information and support. Please join us in supporting PADA today.
For more information, please visit the PADA

Donations made to each cause to date from Web-Tec.co.nz and Web-Tec.com.au

Better World charity Web-Tec's donation
Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust $113,821
Christchurch Victim Support $3,134
2019, The Kindness Institute $28,714
December, 2018 I Got Your Back Pack $10,668
November, 2018 Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ $10,465
October, 2018 Sweet Louise $11,153
September 2018, Wildlife Hospital Dunedin $11,945
August 2018, Dayspring $9,875
July 2018, Samaritans $10,980
June 2018, Whole Lotta Life Foundation $10,405
May 2018, Himalayan Trust - Bung Health Project $8,334
April 2018, Days for Girls NZ $8,741
March 2018, Pregnancy Help $7,762
February 2018, WWF NZ - Maui Dolphins Sighting Project $6,080
January 2018, The Clown Doctors $7,774
December 2017, The Rock Vets $4,802
November 2017, Age Concern $8,326
October 2017, Project Jonah $7,457
September 2017, Tearfund NZ $5,447
August 2017, Life Education Trust $9,256
July 2017, Habitat for Humanity $8,850
June 2017, Big Brothers Big Sisters $7,257
May 2017, In Time Trust $7,734
April 2017, Million Metres $6,432
March 2017, NZ Vegetarian Society $3,335
February 2017, Yoga Education in Prisons Trust $4,038
January 2017, Amnesty International NZ $4,913
December 2016, Parkinsons NZ $7,872
November 2016, Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust $7,805
October 2016, Quan Am Foundation $6,634
September 2016, SAFE $9,696
August 2016, UpsideDowns Educational Trust $8,272
July 2016, Project Jonah $6,827
June 2016, Junk Free June $5,237
May 2016, Alzheimers NZ $9,628
April 2016, Glaucoma NZ $6,954
March 2016, Stroke Foundation of NZ $7,749
February 2016, The Graeme Dingle Foundation $5,728
January 2016, StarJam $5,584
December 2015, Forest & Bird $5,834
November 2015, Oxfam NZ $6,941
October 2015, Amnesty International NZ $5,807
September 2015, NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation $7,815
August 2015, NZ Howard League for Penal Reform $10,924
July 2015, Barnardos 0800 What's Up $15,882
June 2015, Cystic Fibrosis Association of NZ $15,960
May 2015, NZ Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal $19,670
April 2015, HUHA - Helping You Help Animals $9,928
March 2015, Birthright NZ $5,624
February 2015, NZ AIDS Foundation $5,380
January 2015, BellyFul $10,398
December 2014, CanTeen $9,934
November 2014, Amnesty International Aotearoa NZ $2,454
October 2014, The Salvation Army $2,762
September 2014, World Vision NZ $2,148
August 2014, Oxfam NZ $2,550
July 2014, Perinatal Mental Health New Zealand Trust $6,822
June 2014, Pregnancy Help $6,658
May 2014, West Coast Blue Penguin Trust $8,512
April 2014, The Kea Conservation Trust $6,700
March 2014, Barnardos 0800 What's Up $8,282
February 2014, Kakapo Recovery $6,902
January 2014, Plunket NZ $8,516
December 2013, Save the Children $8,042
November 2013, Oxfam NZ $8,370
October 2013, The Mental Health Foundation of NZ $8,880
September 2013, Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter $8,212
August 2013, Sustainable Oceans Society NZ $6,808
July 2013, Golden Bay Family Health Centre $10,000
June 2013, Ronald McDonald House $8,268
May 2013, Cystic Fibrosis Association of NZ $8,226
April 2013, Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust $6,072
March 2013, The Muscular Dystrophy Association of NZ $6,330
February 2013, The Nelson ARK $4,650
Oxfam New Zealand $49,718
Oxfam Australia $15,831
WWF China $64,737
World Vision - Zambian Health Centre $64,924
New Zealand Red Cross $92,118
The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ $77,300
WWF New Zealand $40,370
Royal New Zealand SPCA $20,412
Web-Tec Environmental Fund $13,381
Total Amount Donated $1,140,736
Your comments are welcome.

The Himalayan Trust

Thank you so much for your recent donation to the Himalayan Trust. It was an honour to be selected as your Charity of the Month in May and we are incredibly grateful for your gift of $8334 to support the health project in Bung.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust, thanks to supporters like Web-Tec, have built an incredible legacy in the Everest region of Nepal. From constructing the first hospitals and clinics, to educating the very first local Nepali doctor in the region, your ongoing support today is improving the health of many people in remote, mountain communities.

From the Himalayan Trust, Action for Nepal and the community in Bung, please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks.

Himalayan Trust

Quan Am Foundation

"We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Web-Tec who selected us as their Charity of the Month for October, as part of their Better World program. I am thrilled to announce we raised $6,634 for Quan Am Foundation! We will be putting these funds aside for a special project in early 2017. Thanks to everyone that made a purchase!"

Quan Am Foundation Thank You

Fred Hollows thank you video

HUHA - Helping You Help Animals

HUHA Thank You

Red Cross work in Vanuatu

With Cyclone Pam causing catastrophic devastation in Vanuatu, we've asked that our latest donation to Red Cross NZ be used exclusively to help provide relief for the people of this island nation. The type of work Red Cross is doing in Vanuatu includes the distribution of essential household items, tarpaulins, shelter toolkits, safe drinking water and health and first aid programs. They will also be rolling out longer term recovery projects to support the stronger and safer rebuilding of damaged homes and of course the restoration and strengthening of livelihoods will also be crucial due to the significant damage to crops, livestock and fisheries.

Unloading aid in VanuatuDestruction in Vanuatu

VisionFund in Tanzania

Tanzania VisionFund Thank You

See also: Web-Tec's environmental policy | View photos from our tree planting adventures


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