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Web-Tec has founded the Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust to create a wondrous, accessible eco-sanctuary at Farewell Spit, in partnership with the Department of Conservation.

Our Vision:

The Trust's vision is to greatly enhance biodiversity in the Farewell Spit area, allowing threatened species already there such as katipo spiders to flourish and creating a safe breeding habitat for bird species including fairy prions, shearwaters, godwits, petrels, bitterns and penguins.  The ultimate goal is to build a rich and protected ecosystem that will allow for the reintroduction of rare and endangered species, such as the Pāteke (brown teal), the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Nelson Green Gecko. 
The Farewell Spit eco-sanctuary will become a place where people can experience this unique landform as the thriving and diverse eco-system it would once have been. DOC will upgrade the walking access to and around the sanctuary to make it possible for people to safely visit at dusk to experience the cacophonous return of the many thousands of birds that will call it home.



Our Work:

The initial phase of the project will focus on the 900-hectare area at the base of Farewell Spit, from Wharariki Beach on the north-west coast to Puponga and Triangle Flat on the western side of Golden Bay.

After an ecological assessment of this unique area has been carried out, a combination of fencing and trapping will commence on the cliffs of Cape Farewell to protect this important area for nesting seabirds from pigs and other predators. The cliffs of Cape Farewell are the most northerly point of the South Island, and they and the nearby iconic Archway Islands are vital to a range of seabirds and other species.

The Web-Tec team have already begun planting native species such as coprosma, spinifex and pīngao in the area near Triangle Flat.



Our Commitment:

As the largest employer in Golden Bay, based only 20 minutes from Farewell Spit, we at Web-Tec know first-hand how incredibly special this environment is, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that Farewell Spit has a thriving and biodiverse future.

Your involvement:

Web-Tec donates a dollar every time a customer selects the Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust after placing an online order. One click helps make this vision a reality!

We welcome involvement from our customers and business partners, conservation groups and members of the community who want to support this project. With your help, we can continue to protect native species over an even larger area in time. 



The Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust Trustees are Web-Tec Chair Peter Butler, Executive Director Lucy Butler, renowned photographer, publisher and conservationist Craig Potton, and Stuart Macintosh, General Manager of Pics Peanut Butter and trustee of Motuihe Island sanctuary.

The Farewell Wharariki Web-Tec Nature Trust is a registered charity. It’s Charity Registration Number is CC54968.

“This very generous offer from Healthpost will allow one of New Zealand’s most significant places, the iconic Farewell Spit and surrounds, to receive pest and weed control on a scale it deserves .Higher protection will be afforded to the iconic  flocks of Godwits and Knots and wonderful flora and fauna of international significance . A brilliant project.”  Craig Potton, Conservationist and Trustee.


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