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Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay, New Zealand

Who is Web-Tec?

Web-Tec is New Zealand’s favourite online supplier of natural health, skincare and household products, proudly based in Golden Bay. Web-Tec was established by Linley Butler in 2018, and while it is still very much a family business, we now have a tireless team of 80-odd staff sending goods around New Zealand and worldwide.

Most of our business now happens very efficiently through our website, but you’ll still get a “real” person when you need one, by phone, email or Live Chat. We oversee every one of our orders with the care that our long-standing customers have come to count on.

As well as ordering online, you can now also shop with us in person at our health shop in New Lynn, Auckland.

Our Location

Web-Tec continues to be based in Golden Bay, because, essentially, we like living here. We may be in the back-of-beyond, but we send goods every day to people in locations as diverse as Auckland, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, London, and Rio de Janeiro. This special synthesis of the local and the international also extends to our staff – among the Kiwis we have Swiss, British, Australian, Japanese, Israeli and German members of the Web-Tec whanau (family).

Web-Tec is now situated in large, custom-built premises but it hasn’t moved far from its roots. Empathy, integrity and accessibility continue to be our guiding principles, and the business remains only a stone’s throw from Web-Tec’s humble beginnings in the basement of Linley’s Collingwood home.

While rural living poses logistical challenges from time to time, we believe that our beautiful location is a big part of who we are, and we pride ourselves on our speedy delivery. It would be crazy to live in paradise and not have time to enjoy it, and we encourage a healthy work-life balance for all staff. We have a very special bunch of people here at Web-Tec, and these people are at the heart of the service we provide. Many work flexible hours to accommodate other passions: pottery, music, kayaking, print-making, writing, fishing, chi gong, horticulture, horse-riding, tramping, to name but a few. We share a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility to our customers, with a holistic approach to wellbeing that encompasses all of our internal and external relationships.

Our History

Web-Tec was born out of genuine need. When Linley, a solo mother of three living in a remote rural area and recovering from ulcerative colitis, couldn’t access the barley grass she needed at an affordable price, she began ordering it in bulk and sharing it around the community. As demand steadily grew, Linley employed her friend Di to help, and then Di’s friend Sandy, and for many years Web-Tec remained a three-woman operation.

With the advent of online shopping, Web-Tec took its wealth of natural health experience onto the web, and the business moved to another level. Most of our business now happens through the website, but you’ll still get a “real” person when you need one, by phone or email. We oversee every one of our orders with the care that our long-standing customers have come to count on.

Our Values in Action

Web-Tec is truly committed to balancing profits and principles. As a business, we are committed to environmental, cultural and ethical sustainability.

And we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Since 2009 we have offset the carbon on our parcel deliveries and operations, planted thousands of trees in our local region, and installed 72 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our premises. Even on cloudy days we’re creating our own power, often more than we use which means we can also feed power back into the grid! 

Ethical Shopping - Web-Tec Tree Planting

Ethical Shopping

We recognise that our customers want to make a positive difference when they shop. We offset our carbon, generate our own power and plant thousands of trees in our local community, so that a better you also means a better world. 

We believe in the products we sell and we are proud to be part of people taking responsibility for their own health. Web-Tec is more than a "shop" - with our ever-expanding online resource of blogs, recipes and product reviews, we are a vibrant wellness community, connecting our customers with the information and the inspiration they need to achieve excellent health. We demonstrate our commitment to natural health by making a huge range of products as accessible as possible, keeping the price down and delivering swiftly and widely. We are dedicated to the continued availability of safe and natural solutions in NZ and beyond. We take pleasure in supporting other local businesses with excellent ethical credentials and helping New Zealand’s natural health and skincare products enjoy the international success that they deserve.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to making natural health as accessible as possible, delivering swiftly and keeping prices low.

We also believe that the wellness of the individual is always connected to the health of the broader community and the natural environment. As such we’ve given $1,140,736, and counting to humanitarian, animal and environmental charities through our Better World Donation Programme.

Our Ten Wellness Principles:

  1. Accessibility: we know our products make a real difference to our customers’ lives, so we stock a wide range, keep the price down and deliver swiftly and widely.

  2. Celebrate diversity: our staff and customers come from all walks of life. We respect people equally and celebrate diversity as a wonderful thing.

  3. Do no harm: we don’t stock products with ingredients that are harmful or which have been tested on animals.

  4. Empowerment: we are proud to be a part of people taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. We aim to empower good health choices.

  5. Fairness: we strive to be fair. Fair prices, fairness in customer service, and fairness in the way we treat each other, our staff and suppliers.

  6. Better World: we understand that the wellbeing of Web-Tec is connected to the health of the wider community. We give back via substantial, ongoing donations to vital charities.

  7. Honesty: we aim to publish all relevant product information, and promote in a balanced way. If you ask us something, we’ll always tell you straight.

  8. Listening: we cherish and respect your point of view. If you like/dislike a product, or something we have or haven’t done, tell us or leave a review – we promise to listen!

  9. ‘Reward the faithful’: you make a choice where to shop - we'll make sure you're always rewarded for choosing us!

  10. Sustainability: we respect our natural environment and strive to minimise any negative impact we may have on it. We offset our carbon, plant trees and generate our own solar power.

Better World donation programme

‘Better You, Better World’

We'll donate $1.00 for every completed web order!

You pay nothing extra. All donations are made from Web-Tec’s operating revenue. All you need to do is check the box next to your preferred charity. We keep a tally and publish our monthly and quarterly donations on our donations page. Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Learn more about Web-Tec’s humanitarian and environmental programmes.

The charities we support include:


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