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Memory Loss

There are a number of products available which may support brain function and may support our ability to recall things both short and long-term, including a number specifically formulated to support healthy memory function. Look at our range of products that may support healthy brain function and recall.

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Memory Loss Info

Our memory is one of the most vital parts of our mind in terms of our daily functioning and quality of life. We use it constantly, mostly without even realising – whether it be the subconscious lists we keep in our short-term memory, remembering appointments, times and phone numbers, or long term memory involved in those things we look back on with fondness which become the fabric of the stories of our lives.


What can impact memory?

Sometimes, circumstances can impact on our ability to recall things properly, whether that be short or long-term, temporary or permanent. This could be the result of an accident or trauma, which may impact the memory surrounding the event in question and involve ‘memory blanks’, or illness, which involves the loss of critical areas of the brain tissue itself.


What can I do to support my memory?

Besides ‘exercising’ your brain with daily puzzles and learning, there are numerous products designed to support brain function, including:

Ginkgo biloba is a herb that has long been associated with healthy brain function, and may assist with circulation and blood flow to the extremities and head.

Choline and phosphatidylserine are nutrients that play a role in neurotransmitter function and manufacturing, which may support healthy nervous system function and development of healthy neurons.

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Product Reviews

  • amazing effect at elevating mood and feeling whole again

    star- web-tec.info

    I first came across Choline from Dr Eric Berg to use in conjunction with fatty liver as it breaks down fat in the liver - i took one pill and noticed that i felt better within myself - my mood had changed i didn't feel so down - over time - 2 months now i have come back to myself AND without doing anything different i have begun to loose weight as it breaks down the fat in my liver my liver can begin to process the fats - and has cleared head fog and calmed down adrenal fight responses (anger) i highly recommend this to all who are experiencing depression - tiredness - fatigue - brain fog - anger adrenal fatigue it really has worked for me :) - i have also changed my diet to juices in the morning - celery and apple as this also helps hydrate and heal the liver but this wee supplement has brought me back to my old self again



  • Best magnesium

    star- web-tec.info

    This is ace product. Helps sleep relaxing cramping and general well being. Easy to swallow capsules too.



  • Great for mood and energy

    star- web-tec.info

    This product works well for me, my mood has improved and energy levels up. I no longer have the afternoon slump feeling tried with no energy. I am up at 4:30am every morning walk the dog for an hour do other exercises , off to work and come home and repeat dog walk and other exercises at end of the day without feeling tried as in the past. Also wake feeling refreshed. Mood wise as noted these help as going through menopause which really has affected my mood and energy levels so I need all the help I can get and these work. More alert at work which is great as learning a new role so need to be able to focus and take in the new tasks. Give them a go. Note - this is exactly the same product as Sanderson Stress & Anxiety FX



Wellness Blog

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