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Children's Health Products

Children's health needs are special and vary considerably from those of adults. It makes sense to support children's nutritional and health requirements with products that are specifically formulated for their unique needs and which help to maintain balance and support their young bodies naturally.

Web-Tec carries a wide range of products from leading health and wellbeing companies, tailored specifically for infants and children.

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Children's Health

We all desire our children to be healthy and happy. Raising contented, active children includes providing a loving environment and caring for their development and wellbeing. You may find that natural products - specifically formulated for children - may help with boosting your child’s immunity, providing additional nutrition for growth, and easing problems such as over-excitability, infant gas, teething pains and sleeping troubles.

The health requirements of infants and children vary considerably from those of adults. Their bodies are not yet fully developed, with immature immune and detoxification systems requiring different nutritional support and supplementation from adults, and with the average infant being born ‘pre-polluted’ with hundreds of toxic chemicals, it’s vital their young bodies are protected from further harm via environmental toxins, processed foods and more.

Mother Nature knows best. Using natural health products is a gentle option that works in harmony with the body rather than disrupting normal functions. Children’s health needs are special. Consider how much growth and brain development a baby has to achieve before they are even a year old. In fact, if humans developed at the same rate of growth as a newborn in their first month of life, by the age of ten years they’d be nearly 6 metres tall! However, it goes without saying, that maximum nutrition, vitamins and minerals are vital in all stages of a child’s development.

Web-Tec’s selection of infant and child health products cover the majority of child-specific needs. These include multi-vitamins and superfood products, fish oils and DHA to support healthy brain function and growth, numerous products to support teething and colic, herbal medicines to support healing from various ailments, probiotics for optimal digestive health, and many more. With a variety of products from top producers, there is something for every need in the extensive children’s health range.

Product Reviews

  • Great product

    star- web-tec.info

    It's my second purchase. I love that it's the DHA derived from microalgae instead of fish and it doesn't smell.
    My son doesn't eat fish at all so I cut the capsule tail and squeeze it in my son's yogurt for breakfast everyday, which I believe DHA helps brain development.



  • Failed to help

    star- web-tec.info

    I was extremely hopeful when ordering these but have failed to see any marked improvement; if anything, it has appeared to make matters worse! I do not recommend and will certainly not be buying again. Are these a gimmick? Not too sure about actual efficacy of some of these homeopathic brands.



  • Used to be the best! Gutted about the flavour change!

    star- web-tec.info

    Both my boys loved the old version, so much they were like 'treats'! However they have recently changed the flavour and now they won't even touch them, spat them out immediately. I thought they were being dramatic so I tried them myself, yuck, I couldn't handle the bitter taste either. A whole bottle wasted sadly!



Wellness Blog

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    Do you have concerns about your child’s eating habits and not getting the best nutrition for growth and development? Perhaps your child won’t eat meals, avoids a certain food group such as vegetables, has a ...

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