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Hair Dye

After using chemical hair dyes for a period of time, your hair may become a little dull and brittle. Not only is natural hair dye less damaging, but it also leaves your tresses vibrant with colour and bounce.

Choose our selection of natural hair dye colours to find one that suits you.

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Hair Dye Info

You may believe that natural means “less effective”, but while chemical hair dyes use harsh agents that can disrupt your hair’s pH balance, natural hair dyes are kinder and minimise moisture loss. By using Certified Organic Ingredients, you’ll be using a purer product that still provides effective colouring results.

The benefits of using a natural hair care solution are: no harmful ammonia either on your scalp or through inhalation, no staining of your skin and no burning or irritations - yet still gently colouring with permanent hues and covering any grey hair. You may like to spoil yourself with a hair treatment or a natural conditioner for maximum results.

Product Reviews

  • Formula change?

    star- web-tec.info

    I have used this colour for years but this time had a completely different result. Colour was darker and less natural, my hair condition felt worse. This has never happened before and i wonder if the formula had changed along with the packaging? Disappointed.



  • Covered my grey hairs perfectly.

    star- web-tec.info

    My hair is dark brown/black. The first time I used it I didn't like the way the instructions said I had to wash my hair first, thus stripping my natural protective oils from my scalp - I certainly don't massage it in. I comb it in. Because it was applied to towel dried hair I also found it ran down my neck and face a bit but I was really pleased with the results as it covered all my grey's.

    For my 2nd application I applied it to my hair dry (that hadn't been washed for a few days) and it didn't run down my face and was less fussy to apply. It still turned out just as good so I will do this from now on. Maybe my hair is just really easy to dye so that might not work for everyone. I liked that it didn't have a strong smell. It still has PPD's in it but less than the supermarket stuff so I'm happy about that. My hair does not feel as shiny and soft as using the supermarket ones but I'm still happy with this product and will be what I use from now on.

    My greys were a little lighter than my natural hair colour but I'm not bothered at all by that and was really not noticeable.



  • Great

    star- web-tec.info

    Fab product. Used twice now.. doesn't smell aweful like other hair dyes. The conditioner makes hair a bit corse so I used my over shampoo and condition. The colour lasts really well!



Wellness Blog

  • What You Need to Know About Natural Hair Dyes

    Colouring our hair is something that has become a 4-6-weekly activity for many people. Because of this, it’s important to ensure we use a product that will give the best colour outcome with the least ...

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