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Natural Insect Repellent

It’s a little ironic, that while using a regular insect repellent might protect you from itchy bites and various insect-borne diseases, you may be causing more harm to your body by using the toxic substances that deter the insects in the first place. With our range of natural insect repellents that are botanically based, you can now naturally handle exposure at an outdoor evening BBQ or tropical holiday without irritating your skin.

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  • NZ$16.50

    RRP: NZ$19.50

    Save 15% (NZ$3.00)

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  • Tui Balms
    50gm, 500gm, 300gm, 25gm, 100gm

    From NZ$10.70

    Save up to NZ$6.12

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  • Botanica
    100ml roll-on, 100ml spray, 50ml spray

    From NZ$11.90

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  • Tui Balms
    150ml, 60ML

    From NZ$17.90

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  • Goodbye Sandfly
    150ml Spray, 50ml spray, 40ml dropper

    From NZ$10.30

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  • NZ$14.90
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  • NZ$17.90

    RRP: NZ$21.90

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  • Absolute Essential

    RRP: NZ$24.95

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  • NZ$26.60

    RRP: NZ$29.90

    Save 11% (NZ$3.30)

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  • Tui Balms
    4x 25gm

    RRP: NZ$41.58

    Save 9% (NZ$3.88)

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  • NZ$16.70

    RRP: NZ$18.40

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  • Wildflower
  • Tui Balms
    4x 25gm

    RRP: NZ$41.58

    Save 9% (NZ$3.88)

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  • Ecoroa
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Natural Insect Repellent Benefits

There are effective insect repellent alternatives that could heal, as well as naturally care for skin, so you can enjoy the sun and outdoors, bug-free. By using combinations of essentials oils and other pure ingredients, natural insect repellents are fragrant, effective and are suitable for using with children.

For sun protection also see our natural sunscreen range.

Product Reviews

  • Awesome

    star- web-tec.info

    Fantastic product.

    It works wonders, is a must need for the summer months.



  • This stuff really does work!

    star- web-tec.info

    Everyone hates flys coming into the house and my husband hates them more than the average person but hates flyspray more! I was sick of him using my tea towels as for swats so I thought I would give this essential blend a go. Well it works! I put a few drops in my oil burner and they may come in but they go right outside again! Recommended!



  • Awesome product

    star- web-tec.info

    I bought a bottle of this a few months ago,its awesome.I live in a valley where there are HEAPS of sandflies.I hate chemical sprays but used to use them as they worked well.(Tui bug balm only works for 5 minutes around here)Now Tui have put this new stuff out I can use something natural and I feel so much better about putting it on my skin.It works for nearly the whole day! I just put a couple of squirts on my hand,rub hands together and rub onto me arms and legs.It goes a long way,which is good as I did balk at the price.I am just about to buy a second large bottle after at least 2 months of two of us using this everyday.I also like the smell.



Wellness Blog

  • Arnica – the ‘patron saint’ of muscles and bruises

    For centuries, nature’s little yellow flower known as arnica has been used in liniment and ointment preparations to successfully treat bruises, muscle pains and strains. Today, because of its ability to relieve and restore complaints ...

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