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Zinc Supplements

Zinc is an essential mineral and one of the most abundant trace elements in the body, second only to iron. Much of our zinc is found in the bones and muscles, and relatively high amounts are stored in the prostate gland and retina of the eye.

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  • Clinicians

    RRP: NZ$24.90

    Save 34% (NZ$8.50)

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  • NZ$8.80

    RRP: NZ$11.20

    Save 21% (NZ$2.40)

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  • BioTrace

    RRP: NZ$27.20

    Save 23% (NZ$6.30)

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  • Sanderson
    100 tablets

    From NZ$15.00

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  • Thompson's
    80 tablets

    From NZ$14.40

    Save up to NZ$5.50

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  • Red Seal
    90 tablets
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  • Ethical Nutrients
    95gm - Raspberry

    RRP: NZ$27.50

    Save 21% (NZ$5.80)

  • Blackmores
    84 tablets, 168 tablets

    From NZ$12.90

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  • GO Healthy
    60 vegecaps, 120 vegecaps

    From NZ$17.30

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  • Swisse
    50 chewable tablets

    RRP: NZ$27.95

    Save 19% (NZ$5.45)

  • Nature's Sunshine
    150 tablets

    RRP: NZ$32.70

    Save 19% (NZ$6.20)

  • Nature's Way
    24 lozenges

    RRP: NZ$13.90

    Save 22% (NZ$3.00)

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  • Radiance
    90 capsules

    RRP: NZ$29.90

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  • NZ$19.90

    RRP: NZ$24.90

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  • Skybright

    RRP: NZ$27.90

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  • TJ Clark

    RRP: NZ$30.40

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  • NZ$25.20

    RRP: NZ$27.20

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  • Pro-life
    90 capsules
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  • BioTrace
    60 capsules

    RRP: NZ$64.30

    Save 8% (NZ$5.00)

  • Nutra-Life
    50 capsules

    RRP: NZ$19.90

    Save 31% (NZ$6.10)

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Zinc Info

Zinc is an essential mineral and one of the most abundant trace elements in the body, second only to iron. Much of our zinc is found in the bones and muscles, and relatively high amounts are stored in the prostate gland and retina of the eye. Our senses of vision, taste and smell are enhanced by zinc and multiple body systems rely on it. You need extra zinc while pregnant and breastfeeding, and it’s involved in synthesising RNA and DNA.

Metabolic processes involving hundreds of different enzymes need zinc to function, as do hormones including insulin, thyroid and growth hormones and the sex hormones. Our immune, cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, sexual and sensory systems all rely on zinc as a vital element for healthy functioning, and it has important roles in growth, wound healing, and skin health. Stress quickly depletes our zinc reserves.

Zinc Benefits

Zinc may be helpful in the treatment of acne and other skin disorders, burns, wounds and post-surgical healing, poor immunity, fatigue, stress, PMT, loss of taste and smell, hair loss, poor appetite, retarded growth, diarrhoea, weight loss, anorexia, chemical sensitivity, alcoholism, inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes. As we age, optimal zinc intake may improve our cognitive ability and help prevent dementia, and, together with antioxidants, help prevent arteriosclerosis.

Zinc is a proven treatment in cases of male infertility, low sperm count and prostate enlargement. It may be beneficial for delayed sexual maturity, low testosterone and low libido.

Zinc Side Effects

High doses can gastrointestinal problems, headache and drowsiness. High doses may be immunosuppressive Zinc is a copper antagonist and long term high doses can lead to copper deficiency.

Product Reviews

  • Fantastic product

    star- web-tec.info

    Easy to take add to your smoothie, morning orange juice or water bottle. We take the zinc drops every morning in our family. None of us get sick, my son nor husband take the annual flu vaccination and prefer the zinc drops instead. Highly recommended.



  • Good product

    star- web-tec.info

    No cold sores since using this product



  • very good

    star- web-tec.info

    Reduce hair loss



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