How much chance to win jackpot in bitcoin casino

Bitcoin and crypto casinos offer all kinds of games, and some of these sites also include progressive jackpot games. If you are dreaming of getting all this fabulous riches by playing jackpot slots, then you’ve probably wondered how to win the jackpot after all? In our guide, we will briefly outline the main ways to win a progressive jackpot at a crypto casino .

Do crypto casinos offer jackpot games?

Not all crypto casinos offer progressive winnings to players. The types of winnings depend a lot on the casino itself, and also (more importantly) on the software provider of such a casino. If you want to find the best progressive games, you need to choose a crypto casino with games from different providers.

Winning by jackpot symbols on one line

There are various ways to receive winnings at Bitcoin casinos. One of the oldest ways to win progressive prizes is to line up jackpot symbols on a payline. This is also the trickiest way to assign a payout. If a casino publishes a hit rating, you can track how likely this is. You need to be careful with games that have a lot of symbols, very few paylines, or require you to hit the jackpot symbols on a specific line with the maximum bet. Such games greatly reduce the chances of success.

Progressive random jackpot

Winning the progressive random jackpot is the most popular option in Bitcoin and crypto casinos. This usually means that there will be several jackpot prizes in a progressive slot that you can win, and they will have different values. In a randomly launched progressive slot, there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of being successful at a Bitcoin casino. All you can do is spin the reel and hope to win. However, there is some connection between the amount of the bets and the possible winnings. For example, if a progressive bitcoin slot has four jackpots, each with different prizes, the likelihood of winning the smaller prize increases if you place small bets and vice versa.

Win with bonus games

Another way to win progressive prizes at bitcoin casinos is to launch bonus rounds. This happens by chance or when bonus symbols appear on the reel. If this happens, you need to complete the task to win. This can be a coincidence of the same symbols on the icons, a winning combination on the reels of the free spins round, or determined by the spin of the money wheels or the wheels of fortune. The exact mechanism depends on the particular game, but progressive prizes can indeed be won on crypto betting sites.